The preschool science curriculum consists of many planned and spontaneous experiences. Science for young children is child-centered and activity-centered. The teachers provide opportunities for the children in the classroom to observe, predict, classify and communicate. It is never too early to develop children’s ability to learn how to ask questions and support their desire to find answers.


What is the scientific method? It is a way of figuring out what questions to ask, what steps to take to answer that question, and then to doing our best to make sure that the information gathered is correct. The scientific method, like manners, will become a habit at an early age. 

Art and music

Through literature we ask children to predict what will happen next in the story, and then at the end of the story we ask them if things turned out the way they predicted. In our classroom we begin by introducing the Scientific Method using a book entitled Fortunately by Renny Charlip. We also use Science is Simple by P. Ashbrook as a teaching resource.