In teaching math to preschool children, “hands-on” activities are very important. Math for preschoolers includes: counting, number recognition, shapes, calendar skills, classifying, patterning, awareness of weight, measurement, months of the year, days of the week, and numbers 1 to 100.  Our curriculum focus points for math include: 

  1.  Numbers and Operations. Children will develop an understanding of whole numbers including math concepts of counting, correspondence, cardinality, and comparison.  
  2. Geometry. Children identify shapes and describe spatial reasoning. They find shapes in their environment and draw pictures by combining two and three dimensional shapes.  
  3. Measurement. Children develop measurable attributes such as “length” and “weight” or “same” and “different” and compare objects using these attributes.  Finally, to promote math skills our teachers introduce the language of mathematics into everyday activities and are wonderful examples as they model math investigations.